Five Reasons Your Kids Will Love Summer Camps


Are there even good reasons for your kids to love summer camps? In this generation of swipe and taps, kids often opt out outdoor activities thinking it is boring, tiring, and a senseless waste of time. Kids now have more tender loving care on games and apps on their electronic devices – rocking the virtual world of explicit urban terrorism and electronic killing of unknown species added by the deceptive interpersonal advancement in creepy social medias where teens post nothing but not-so-important thoughts and must-be-reported selfies and mirror shots.
The whole point is, introducing outdoor camps to kids is as tedious as a stubborn child could be. It takes a lot of terrible convincing and babytalk to make them say “yes.”

Can you do something more better to make them like, or perhaps love, summer camps? There is a huge difference in letting them know why they’d love summer camps and to make them love summer camps in their very own innocent will. To make it out to this point, here’s five reasons your kids will love summer camps.

It’s the Perfect Time to Get Dirty

summer campCamping means action and action means getting dirty. Camping is when they’ll release the inner buccaneer that’s been hiding for some time because of the manipulative power of electronic devices. It’s the wonderful time to let them explore their physical capacity like running, swimming, hiking, climbing, and jumping. They may have to roll on mud and play pretend on camp. They might see it way better than just sitting at home and reflexing the muscles in their thumbs. It is the perfect getaway for them where they can be restlessly proactive.

They Can be Tarzan for Awhile

In camping, your kids can be like Tarzan minus the wearing of tattered, brown loincloth and swinging on vines. They get to explore things their introvert world cannot offer. They can also develop life-long skills. Camps provide educational “basic survival skills” for the kids. For instance, they may be taught on how to properly knot a rope which may seem very basic, but no. In camps, they will be asked to draw a specific natural subject, like the scenic view or the sunset or the butterfly on the flower silently sipping the nectar. Things like that. Things that they will probably enjoy doing and learning.

No Bells Are Ringing

They may not know it but kids also get stressed doing loads of homework and mechanical everyday routine of home and school. In school, kids have time to get social but just until the depressing sound of bell starts ringing. In camps, your kids will enjoy unlimited unstructured play, that means non-stop free play for them. They can have fun while learning and learn while having fun. Your kid might not immediately notice it but they’re actually starting to love camp.

Camping Create Stories

campfireYour kids will love camping because it will give them story to share. A memory they’ll treasure. An experience they will surely put on their memoir. Isn’t it cute hearing a child telling his friends how much fun he had in camping, singing around the campfire and sleeping on a tent? Camping creates stories. A story they’ll probably keep on their core memory.

New Peers to Say Hi With

Some kids don’t like the idea of “making new friends.” But that might change after they have experience camping. Camping opens the door to building new friendship. Not only it improves their social skills, but also teaches them to be flexible in interacting with a team.

Again, you don’t have to force your kids to love camping. Instead, you make them love it. Their perspective about camping will surely change from boring-tiring-waste-of-time to fun-exciting-let’s-do-it-again.